Do you love snow?  I love taking photos of the snow.  But, I am not a fan of driving in it. I woke up early so I can take a few photos of the snow coming down.  The flakes wer huge, beautiful and just floating around landing were ever they seemed fit.  Here are 10 of my favorite photos I got this morning. 

Hope you enjoy,

1. Always love how the Tiger looks with snow on him/

2. Tiger and a Fox

3. How many more days until Opening Day?
Detroit Tigers
4. Always room for Donuts!  ( Delight's Delights)
J Dilla Donut donought
5. The Carr Center 
The carr Center
6. One of my favorite streets in the city. 
Detroit snow
7. People are starting to come to work. 
detroit michigan
8. Michigan Central Station
Michigan Central Train Station
9. Let it snow... let it snow. 
pure michigan
10. Clark Park in Southwest Detroit
Clark Park Detroit pure michigan
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Colin, you should hold an art show with your photos. You have an eye for it . I have seen thing and places I would not have seen if it wasn’t for your camera.

COlleen Brnabic

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