Cheap Dates to do in Detroit

Ever want to do something fun with that special someone but you’re strapped for cash?  I compiled 10 date ideas that you can do in Detroit with spending little to no money.  If you want to buy lunch or dinner that is a whole other article.     

Park Detroit AppParking in the city- If you do this on a Sunday there is free parking around the city.  If it is not Sunday make sure to download the Park Detroit app before you head down.  It is an amazing tool. 


1. The People mover selfie challenge

Detroit People MoverThe Challenge- Take a ride on the people mover and at every stop jump out and do a selfie.  Make sure to hurry before the doors shut again.  Not every station you will be able to make it.  But you can wait until the next people mover to come by to scoop you up.  It will take you roughly 25-30 seconds before the door closes again.

 Stations- Which ever sation you park start with would be fine.

  • Broadway Station- Either step out and do a quick selfie or wait for the next one to come by and go down the escalader to take a picture of the art work on the wall.
  • Detroit michiganGrand Circus Station- A tip for a good selfie in the newly remodeled Grand Circus Station is to be at the front car of the people mover. There is a statue of John Seward Johnson II at the east end of the station reading a newspaper.  Johnson  is an American artist known for his trompe l'oeil painted bronze statues. He is a grandson of Robert Wood Johnson I, the co-founder of Johnson & Johnson.  He has different statues like this all over the world.  And this one is perfect for a photo opp. 
  • detroit michiganTime Square Station-  At this station there is a stunning piece of art on the wall by the escalader.  I would recommend to go down snag a picture.  Then while waiting for the next stop (with out stepping on the yellow line) snap a photo of her/ him with the city in the background.
  • Michigan Avenue Station-  Step out of the PM, turn around so your backs are on the rail, and snap a photo.
  • Fort/ Cass Station- This station has some of my favorite art work out of all the stations.  Plus great lighting. 
  • Detroit instagramCobo Center Station-  When you are heading into the station there is some really cool murals of classic cars on the side that the doors don’t open.  For this one lets switch it up and take a pic together standing up in the PM.
  • Joe Louis Arena Station- If he/she is a big Red Wings fan I would recommend stepping out for this one.  Once the PM takes off I would take a pic together with the Joe behind you.  Not many more times you can do that
  • Financial District-  For this one prepare to what face you guys are going to make. 
  • Millender Center Station- Take a break from the photos if you like.  Check out some of the photos you got
  • downtown DetroitRenaissance Center Station-  This one has a stunning back drop of the city once the PM pulls away.  I would recommend to take a break  and wait for the next one. 
  • Bricktown Station has a cool angle of the city that you might not have seen.
  • Greektown Station- This is a good one to start and end at.  The stairs that head out to the street has a super cool tunnel with fun lights. 
  • Cadillac Center Station- Another fun angle of the city. Hang out at the front or the back of the PM and take a photo from the back window while the people mover is moving.. 

 Cost- 75 cents per person.  So, bring $1.50 in quarters. 

Thank you to Bloggers Andrew and Emily from Dssentials for letting me snap pics of them while they did the selfie challenge.  

 2. Sunset at Belle Isle

By far one of my favorite spots to catch a sunset of the city.

What you will needBring a blanket to sit on, pack a little cooler with snacks, and make sure to check the weather. 

Snacks- Cheese and Crackers, Fruits and Veggies, and chocolate.  A really cool move is Belle Isle Pizza delivers to the island.  

Spots- The very tip of the island is called Sunset Point and is a prime location to see a sunset (Hence the name).  Or the beach north of the yacht club is a great spot too.

detroit michigan sunset

3. Detroit Institute of Arts

If you live in Macomb, Wayne and Oakland Counties you are already paying for the DIA in your taxes.  So, your addmision fee will be waved.. 

Detroit Institute of ArtsThe museum has one of the largest art collections in the country.  Do your research by visiting the museums website to see what artist they have.  Learn a couple fun facts about the museum and some of the artist. 

 Have a cup of coffee or cocktail in the stunning Kresge Court. 

detroit institute of arts

4. Detroit Historical Museum

When is the last time you spent the day at the Detroit Historical Museum? 

Admission is free but there is a glass donation box when you walk in to your right.  So, support and throw a couple dollars in. 

What to see first- My favorite part of the museum is the lower level.  So, I would recommend to save that for the end. 

 detroit respect

5. Lincoln Street Art Park

Lincoln Street Art Park is an outdoor community art space for people to visit and for people to participate.  There are a ton of murals and sculptures for you to check out. Make sure to visit the murals under the tracks.

 lincoln street art park detroit michigan

6 Murals in Eastern Market-

Eastern Market has murals for blocks and blocks from artist all around the world.  You can ride your bike around and check them out or you can drive around. 

Check out their website to get more information on the murals, the artist, and the location of the pieces.

detroit michigan eastern market grafiti graffiti

7. Walk/ Bike

slow roll detroit michiganDequinder Cut -Formerly a Grand Trunk Railroad line, the Dequindre cut is an urban paved path used for recreational use.  You could go for a walk and see some of the amazing murals, run, or bike ride.  You can bring your own bike or rent a MoGo bike.

detroit michigan motor cityIf you bike, you can park at the start by the Eastern Market.  I would recommend riding around Eastern Market and seeing some of the murals first. Once you have see a few you can make your way to the cut and head south.  From there it will take you out the River Walk.  You can ride down the river walk and make it down to Joe Louis Arena.  Make sure to stop and take some photos together along the way.

 If you walk- Depending how far you feel like walking.  I would recommend to only do the Dequindre Cut or just the River walk.  

 detroit river walk pure michigan

8. Campus Martius Exploring

Campus Martius is a park at the center of downtown.  There are many fun things to see while you are down there. 


  • The Campus Martius Fountain-
  • The Guardian Building
  • One Campus Martius Building-
  • The Belt
  • The Fist
  • The Spirit of Detroit

detroit michigan love

 9. Dables African Bead Museum

 I personally visit Dables and his amazing art work several times a month.  Over 16 years ago Olayami Dabls began turning Grand River and West Grand Blvd into his personal canvas.  His sculptures and art work take up an entire block. 

After you take in his amazing art work, make sure to go inside the bead museum and purchase a bead to remember the moment. 

African bead museum detroit michigan

 10. Volunteer-

 What better way to spend your day than giving back. 

 Here are a couple suggestions.  But, there are so many more that could use your help. Make sure to contact them in advance/ 



I hope you got something out of this and it gives you some ideas to do in the city. 

Make sure to check out our website to see our shirts designed for the city that we love  

 Make sure to share your favorite things to do in the city.  Which of these 10 are you going to be doing?

Much Respect






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Loved this! What a great collection of fun ideas & ways for people to see the city on a budget. Thanks for taking the time to put it together & share.

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