Detroit Michigan  Chris Casteel and his wife Kim are owners of ANew Life Prosthetics and Orthotics located in New Center.  ANew Life makes prosthetic limbs, splints, support boots, and more.  Kim and Chris married 32 years ago and have as much love for each other as they do for the city of Detroit.  Nine months into their marriage, Chris took the opportunity of a gorgeous Michigan day to ride his motorcycle.  Little did he know it would be the day that changed his life forever.  Chris was hit by a vehicle, crashed through the windshield, and left for dead.   When a Washtenaw County sheriff deputy Harley Rider, saw the kids running from the scene, and Chris laying there.  And yes the officers name given at birth is Harley Rider and Chris informed me he only rides Honda’s.  The officer held Chris’s wound until medical assistance got to the scene.  Sadly there was nothing they could do for his leg and the medical team at U of M had to amputate.  Not even a year into their marriage, Kim spent almost a week pulling glass out of her unconscious husbands face.

Detroit respect michigan tee shirt t shirt clothing brandFast forward several years later- Chris was working as an automotive plant manager when he got let go.  Reinventing himself he got a volunteered entry level job as a tech learning to make artificial limbs at the place that made his leg.   Eight years ago they stared ANew Life Prosthetics and Orthotics out of their car, making appointments, and finding new clients.  “A majority of our clientele were out of Detroit and we felt there was a void in the industry, in the city.”  Kim explained.  As they grew they tried out different office space until they found their current residence. 

Their building- Driving around looking for a building for the company they found a for sale sign on the historical Detroit Savings Bank #3 designed by Albert Kahn.  Albert drew out the plans for the building in 1915 and started to build it in 1916.  It was a smaller scale version of the Detroit Savings Bank downtown and became the model for 26 other branches.  As the couple told me about the historic building, we thought about how the workers from the Ford Piquette plant (opened in 1904) would walk over to the bank on pay day.  In time the building had taken many identities.  Detroit Savings Bank, a speak easy, Comerica bank, a shoe store and a church. The Roby family of “Roby’s Shoes” owned the building. “The Roby’s have been great stewards of the building and wanted a business like ours in the neighborhood”

Albert Kahn historical building detroit michigan

ANew Life Prosthetics and Orthotics is looking to connect with doctors, referring hospitals, anyone diabetic shoes, splints, protect diabetic limbs, sports injury just to name a few. 

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For more information about the team at ANew Life Prosthetics and Orthotics check out their website.

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