Creation of our Be the Good Shirt

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Be The Good

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The Creation of Be The Good Detroit

by Colin McConnell

When Michael and I created Detroit Respect we did it for our love of Detroit.  One day we were driving in my car talking about our childhood.  We realized that they were very similar.  Our parents and grandfathers worked downtown, they often would take us there to enjoy all that it has to offer, and our grandfathers would act as our own personal tour guides of Detroit.  My grandfather managed many of the buildings downtown.  He would take me to the roofs of many of Detroit’s tall buildings. Up there the city was at peace, still, and in all its glory.  As we shared our stories, the day turned into a lot of laughs and “oh I remember that place.”  

After throwing around fond memories we also talked about the negative image Detroit gets.  Not just from the country, but from the suburbs, and from the city.  We both talked about there being so many shirts that showed the city that we grew to love in a negative light.   We wanted to create a line that was embracing the positive movement that is going on in the city.  But show Detroit in a light that people from all over Michigan, Detroit, the US and even the world that it is ok to come here.  We want people to start businesses, dine, and even come for vacation.  But when we show Detroit in a light that “we don’t like nobody”, an actual quote from a Detroit T-shirt company, and that we are in no need of help… we are good on our own, it is hard to show people that this city is beautiful and moving in a positive direction.

Growing up my father often referred to the famous quote BElive THEre is GOOD in the WORLD.  He raised me to realize that I can believe there is good or I can be it.  He often took my family and I to volunteer our time at nursing homes, parks, soup kitchens, and more.  I thought this is what every family does.  But what he was raising me is to BE the GOOD.   I often thought that there has to be a slogan or tagline that could speak through generations.  But when I thought of a saying I often went back to the quote my father raised me to live by.  But make it more local…  So, in came BElive THEre is GOOD in DETROIT.  So when people tell me “There is no good in Detroit.”  We want to tell them “You can Believe there is good it or you can Be the good.”  

Once we had it trademarked and copy written we printed the shirt. We snapped a pic of it from our cell phone and posted it on facebook.  From there things changed for us.  We were contacted by media, people were putting in orders, and the picture was becoming viral on social media. 

Here is an article written by Detroit Unspun writer Karen Dybis.  Click the link to read the full story.